Eyeshadow Application : Wet or Dry


Good morning beauties!

So this is a topic I have been meaning to discuss for a while…

The effects of wet and dry eyeshadow application.

For anyone who is not quite sure what I mean, applying eyeshadow dry is literally applying the shadow straight from the product to the eyes with a dry brush – easy peasy.

For a wet application, I like to spray my brushes with a little water before applying the eyeshadow to the brush, then apply to the eyes. – Again, easy peasy.

But honestly, the difference between the two applications is AMAZING! – Take a look…

I have used my Barely Exposed City Colour palette that I recieved yesterday! Check out my US beauty swap here!

As you can see, this application looks pretty normal, the colours are very pigmented and the shine on the metallic shades is beautiful! However……….

Look at the difference…

Can you tell? It’s 10 times better!

The colours are so vibrant and strong compared with a dry swatch. It just gives a deeper, more compact colour and I absolutely love this way of applying them. The only issue with this style is that blending can be a bit more time consuming and difficult to master… But when the colours are this good? Who cares?!

Let me know how you guys apply your fave eyeshadows?

Speak to you soon,

Love C


7 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Application : Wet or Dry

  1. it’s good to know because I did it yesterday but not intentionally, my eyeshadow fell in the bath and was wet… as you say it’s harder to blend it but the color was much darker so maybe next time I’ll do it..on purpose.


  2. I have never tried this but heard so much about it! I must give it a go sometime – great post! 🙂 xx


  3. I go either way. It depends on the shadow for me. I find like baked shadows look better when applied wet. And sometimes lighter colors go on better wet too.


  4. I would be careful using your eyeshadow’s wet, a lot of eyeshadow’s aren’t made for that so the formulation will be altered, resulting in poor pigmentation, also it can breed bacteria. My recommendation would be to use a moistening agent like MAC’s Fix Plus or even eyedrops.


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