Secret Revealed: US beauty swap


Finally! This is the big news I have been waiting to tell you all!

So a few months ago, I joined up to Pretty Little Beauty Swap run by the gorgeous blogger Chelsee from southernbeautyguide

I have always wanted to do a beauty swap, particularly with someone from the U.S. as I just love the variety and choice of American beauty brands! I had heard so much about beauty swaps and thought it would be great to give it a try!

So once I had signed up to the swap, I was assigned my swap partner Lori!! Now as you know, I live in the UK and was absolutely thrilled when I heard that I would be swapping with someone from Pensylvania

I got to know Lori after emailing each other for just over a month, getting to know her likes and dislikes, styles and colours and favourite beauty products! She is such a sweetheart and it has been a privilage talking to her! 

I created my own beauty package for her, along with a couple of gifts for the home etc and sent them off on their long journey to the U.S.

And today, I recieved my gorgeous package from Lori! I can honestly say I was so shocked by the amount of time and effort put in to the gorgeous gift and I am in love with all of the gifts she has sent! Everything was packaged so beautifully and I received a lovely little card as well!

So I bet your all dying to know what is in it…..

Benefit Stay Flawless Primer

I have always wanted to try this primer, Benefit is one of my favourite brands and I cannot wait to see the difference with using such a high end primer!

Bath and body works shower gel and lotion

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Bath and body works is a brand that I have always wanted to try! I’m always amazed at the range of scents they create and I can’t believe I now have my own! This scent is unbelievable. It’s so delicate and sweet and ( I wish I could just eat it). I really wish we had Bath and Bodyworks in the UK but this is honestly one of the best brands EVER!

The orignal Beautyblender

Oh my gosh! I have always wanted this product! I have always bought knock off versions of the beauty blender but none of them even come close to this!! It come with a cleansing soap aswell that smells beautiful and I cannot wait to perfect my foundation routine with this!

White Barn Mint Mocha Bark candle 

Imagine mint choc chip ice cream. That is what this candle smells like. It is heavenly! The scent is so realistic, I can just imagine myself sat at the beach eating an ice cream!

Sephora eyeshadow palette

When finding out more details about Lori, she asked me how I felt about lightly used products.. And I said, ofcourse I will give it a go! This palette is so pigmented and bold! I was so surprised at the colour range and bright shades included. I can’t wait to try these out!

Eos lip balm – summer fruit

Not only is the product packaging so unique. The scent of this is so yummy! As soon as I saw it, I just had to put some on! It’s so hydrating and gives the most soft lips!

Wet n Wild palette – spoilt brat

I have heard so much about Wet n wild products and this palette is so cute! Again, I am amazed by the pigmentation of the product and I am in love with r hot pink shade! Perfect for summer! 

Forever 21 earrings 

Aren’t these just the cutest things. I am in love!!!! They will look so pretty in spring and so beautiful in summer! I love bows and cannot wait to pair these with a gorgeous spring dress.

City color palette – Barley Exposed

This palette reminds me so much of the Naked Palette colours. I will definitely be using this for everyday use. It has such magical deep black colour with flecks of glitter in it, I am so in the mood to create a magical starry night eyed look!

Love&beauty sheet mask

Beautiful skin, here I come! I have very dry skin and this sheet mask looks amazing! I will be using this very soon and look forewarn to feeling refreshed!

Samples galore!

Lori kindly included some little damp,es for me to try! The coastal scents sample palette comes with some amazing little colours for me to try and the hair mask looks amazing! I suffer with dry hair too so this will be perfect for me!

Revlon Bold Laquer

How did she know I needed a new mascara?? This mascara looks so interesting! I havnt seen this in the UK yet and cant wait to try it out! The packaging is beautiful and feels great!

Urban Decay 24/7 velvet eyeliner

I did a swatch of this as soon as I saw it! Urban decay is another one of my top brands and I cannot believe she got me this piece! This eyeliner is phenomenal. It will not, I said NOT, budge at all from your eyes! It doesn’t smudge and creates the blackest line I have ever seen! Very true to its name! 24/7!

Wet n Wild mega volume mascara

Eeeeek another mascara! I’m stocked up for a while! I love mascara with volume and this mascara looks like it will do the trick! Stay tuned for a blog post about volume sing mascara soon!

Wet n Wild mega slicks

Who doesn’t love lip gloss! Another super scented product that I had to try on as soon as I saw it! Super glossy, super soft! 

Sephora instant moisturiser

Handy for handbags, this cute little bottle of moisturiser will be great for on the way to work or if I need a quick bit of hydration for my skin!

Too faced anti crease primer

I don’t know about you, but my eye shadows crease quite a bit. This product I can imagine will be a life saver. No more creases. But perfectly polished and primed eyelids!

If you guys want to sign up to the Pretty Little Beauty Swap, then take a look on Chelsee’s blog southernbeautyguide!

I really hope you have enjoyed his post. Have you guys done a swap before? Let me know!!

Speak to you soon! 

Love C


5 thoughts on “Secret Revealed: US beauty swap

  1. This looks so fun to do, i’m so jealous of the range of products they have in America. Have you tried the Too Faced primer? I’m interested to know what its like because my eye makeup always creases and doesn’t seem to last that long.

    Ciara x


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