Revlon lip butters – Top 3


I love the Revlon lip butters.
They are so creamy and apply so well to your lips.
They come in so many amazingly gorgeously beautiful colours…. But today I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3 shades!

Number One:


Shade 47 – Pink Lemonade

This colour is so sheer and subtle, it gives a lovely shine to the lips with a delicate pop of pink! Anyone for lemonade?

Number two:


Shade 5 – Sugar Frosting

Again, a subtle colour with a more intense shine and metallic like look. I love wearing this day to day as it gives that effortless natural appearance.

Number three:


Shade 25 – Peach Parfait

Who doesn’t like peaches? This is a more intense and deeper colour that I love wearing on a night out. It is super hydrating and the colour last all night!

Let me know what your favourite colours are!

Speak to you later,
Love C

Let me know what you think below my beauties!

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