Make-up made easy – Travelling


We all want to look gorgeous on holiday don’t we?

Unfortunately due to suitcase weight limits etc, I find it difficult to take all the makeup that I really want to take.

However, I have managed to put together my makeup essentials using only 5 products!

1. Rimmels Match Perfection Foundation – True Ivory


This foundation is amazing. It is super long lasting and provides full coverage to last you all day. I use my RealTechniques beauty blender to apply my foundationI and I don’t even need to use a concealer with this product, which is great for space saving.

2. Elf’s duo bronzer and blusher


It is so handy to have two products in one. As you can see it is a true travelling favourite of mine, on holidays and for just in my bag for everyday use. The blusher is so pigmented and again, lasts on your cheeks all day giving a gorgeous rosy cheek. The bronzer is a deep gorgeous colour that has a slight shimmer to it, providing a long lasting healthy glow. I highly recommend it!
TIP: I also use the bronzer as an eyeshadow to create an easy everyday smokey eye look.

3. Max Factors MasterpieceMax mascara


This mascara is great for holiday use. It curls and creates great volume for my lashes without the need to take an eyelash curler. The curl lasts all day and the formula is super black, so I don’t even bother with eyeliner!
P.S It does not create any fall out on the cheeks and no smudging!

4. ELF’s Brow Kit


This product is my amazing for creating effortless and fast flawless brows. I use the gel formula first across my brows, defining the edges, then go in with the powder to fill in any gaps. It truly lasts forever!

5. Ted Bakers Lip Crayon – Deep Maroon


As I like easy and fast makeup for when I’m on holiday, to make yourself look instantly put together and look as though you have spent hours on your makeup, add a deep red lip for that polished and sophisticated look! It honestly lasts all day and is perfect for any skin tone.

And that is it my beauties. It is so simple and easy. I much prefer to spend less time and space on my makeup when on holiday for more exploring time and less packing space!!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below my sweeties!

Speak to you later,

Love C

5 thoughts on “Make-up made easy – Travelling

  1. The Rimmel Match Perfection foundation sounds amazing! I’m not sure if you suffer from spots or not haha, but if you do do you find it covers them well? That’s a must have for me! xxx


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