Makeup for ‘Green’ eyes

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Hello Beautys,

If you don’t already know….. my eyes are a deep green with light brown flecks in the middle.

Green is one of my favourite colours and according to some, the colours of your eyes represent different things..

So for me…

“Green is always a breath of fresh air and rejuvenation. So obviously, people with green eyes are like a gust of strong and fresh winds. They always have a room of mystery and enigma around them and a look into someone’s green eyes can make you get lost in them within seconds. Intelligent and always curious, green eyed people are always the first to take interest in something new. They have an incredible zeal and zest for life and for living live to the fullest. They are passionate about many things. And of course, with an eye color so enchanting, they tend to be very attractive and beautiful as well. The only negative factor is that they get jealous very soon. But overall, the positives defeat the negative. Youthfulness oozes out of them and the compassion and vibrancy that they bring along wherever they go is contagious.”

Well thats perfect for me! If you want to see what your eyes say about you, click here!

I was feeling green today and wanted this to reflect in my makeup. As I wanted a casual look, I didnt go overboard with the pigmentation as I wanted the colour to be subtle to make my bright green eyes pop!

I applied a super light green eyeshadow all over the lid as a base, then added a deep dark green to the outer corner and began to work this toward the center of my lid. Using a clean fluffy brush, I blended this together then applied my favourite mascara and a winged eyeliner.

You can find all of the products using the links below!







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Love C


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