Mermaid shimmer


So today I was experimenting with different colours in my Sleek I-Divine palette in shade ‘Vintage Romance’.

Mermaids are so majestic and beautiful so I decided to recreate this look on my gorgeous twin sister, Jess.

I began by priming her eyes with the ELF eyelid primer in shade ‘sheer’… This helps to make the eyeshadow colours pop and last all day!!


So beginning with my first colour of ‘Lust in LA’, which is a gorgeous shimmery gold/brown, I applied this all over the lid using a a fluffy brush… I then applied the gorgeous red glittery shade to the centre of the eyelid and smoked it out towards the corner. Using the highly pigmented royal blue shade, I applied this to the corner and crease and blended all of the colours together with a fluffy brush.


I applied Jess’ favourite mascara and filled in her brows to finish of the look.

This is a perfect going out look, pair it with a red lip for a Glamorous feel.


All we need now is a Mer-Man……

Catch up later,
Love C

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