NYE lookbook – 3 dresses, 1 bag


New Years Eve is almost upon us…. So here are my three different looks that can be used with just one bag! Whether your full of glitz or natural glam, I hope these three outfits inspire you for this festive season!

Outfit one:
Dress: Missguided, £40
Clutch: Primark, £10



Outfit two:
Dress: Zara, £80
Clutch: Primark, £10



Outfit three:
Dress: H&M, £15
Clutch: Primark, £10



Happy New Year! Enjoy the festive season and celebrate with a cocktail or two….

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Love C x

4 thoughts on “NYE lookbook – 3 dresses, 1 bag

  1. i love these looks! the sparkles especially – great for new year’s eve ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara 🙂


  2. I loved these looks for NYE especially the top two I’m all for the glitz and glam and you just have to bring the sequins and glitter out at Christmas and nw years eve don’t you?. The strange thing is before I even read your post I knew where you got your gorgeous clutch handbag from because I was going to get the very Mae one that just goes to show I spend way too much tme in primark. LOL.

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